Docketwise Api v1 Documentation

Getting Started

To start using Docketwise's API please email [email protected] with subject: API integration. Please include the redirect uris you'll be using for the OAuth 2.0 authorization.

Base url

This is the base url you'll be using for all requests:


We use OAuth 2.0 flow to obtain proper authorization and access to the API. Here are the urls you'll be using for the authorization flow:
Remember to include the redirect uri and response type in the request. Here's an example request authorization request:
GET /oauth/authorize?response_type=code&client_id=your_client_id&
After obtaining your authorization code, you'll be able to request a token by doing a POST request to the token url above. Here's an example request:
POST /oauth/token
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
And that's it, you should obtain an access_token string, an expires_in integer and a refresh_token string. You should add the Bearer Token
You need to include the access_token as an Authorization header with value Bearer <your_access_token>

Refreshing Token

The access tokens obtained through the OAuth 2.0 flow, have an expiration of 180 days. Once this time passes, you'll have to request a new access token using the refresh token provided by the OAuth 2.0 flow as well. To do this you'll have to do a POST request to the /oauth/token url, but with a gran_type of refresh_token


Index actions return a maximum of 200 records per page. Information about pagination is returned in a X-Pagination header where you can find the total amount of records, next page, previous page and total pages. By default the first page of the records is returned. Subsequent pages can be requested by adding a page parameter in the request. I.e.:
GET /contacts?page=2

Rate Limit

Requests are limited on a per token basis to a 120 requests per minute. When a request gets throttled it responds with a 429 status. If this happens, you can use the Retry-Header to know how many seconds you have to wait before issuing new requests.
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